Givenchy Birkenstocks

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392912500.599719.jpg

    Bought these last night at Barneys SF. I love the look of Birkenstocks and once I slipped these on I couldn't pass them up! I had been eyeing them online for a while.

    Did anyone else buy these? I know that they are a polarizing shoe but I am curious as to your experiences wearing them!

    One thing that is making me consider returning them is that they squeak when I walk! Hoping that the leather will soften over time.

  2. I think the roses camo is so cool! I however dislike the birkinstock style, not even Givenchy can make them chic. If you love them you should keep them.
  3. Agree with this, love the roses but not the shoe type. Are they comfortable? Maybe the squeaking is because of water on the ground?

  4. They are extremely comfortable! The squeak seems to be because of my feet on the leather insole.
  5. Ha, those are some cute looking Birkenstocks.

    Enjoy yours OP. Hope the squeaking stops.

  6. Thank you!! Glad to see positive feedback 😛
  7. The noise is more of a farting air noise. Has anyone had issues similar to this? Does it go away with wear?
  8. I think it is one of the normal characteristic of leather sole. You could try to see if your local cobbler could tobi the sole. Good luck! :smile:
  9. Thanks everyone for your input! They are going back to Barneys today. I can't stand the noise and it doesn't seem to be going alway.
  10. Aw that must have been disappointing. I know I had the same problem with one of my shoes, albeit not Givenchy, but don't remember what I did. Sorry!
  11. So cute! I love them, congrats! Are they really based on authentic Birkenstock platform? I often wondered about this (Givenchy and Celines).
  12. Did you find that the front strap cut into your foot. It is quite a sharp laser-cut edge and wonder if it will soften up?
  13. I have to say I think it is hilarious. I still wear the normal tan birks...and my friends die as they say I don't look the type....little did they know me in my college days...i live all birks....not sure what the price is on these, but love the idea!
  14. I finally got to try on a pair (current magnolia/butterfly print) as well as the glitter version. I love these!!!! I have no idea how well they will wear in real life. I wish I could've got them last year on sale or something to test out since real Birkinstocks work well for me but having tried on the Givenchy version, they are not the actual Birkinstock platform and now, they just cost so much more and...and our dollar has plummeted.

    I tried on the Celine version long before ever finding the G version but I love the floral