Givenchy Bettina

  1. Here is my new baby - I am so glad I picked her!
    Givenchy 001.jpg Givenchy 002.jpg Givenchy 003.jpg
  2. congrats shoegal :yahoo:
  3. Beautiful, congratulations!
  4. so beautiful! when i saw these in real life, I was really impressed with the leather and detailing, along with the unique shape. congrats!

    p.s. i'm a new givenchy owner too!!!! yay for us!!! :yes:
  5. ^ My next bag will be the Clarabelle - have you seen it? I saw it when I picked up my Bettina and was blown away.:nuts: Lady-like with a little edge - just gorgeous! I also have a Nightingale in bronze but I want a large black one since they are changing the bags next year. Let me know if you have seen one somewhere.
  6. congrats on bag! nice leather.........:heart:
  7. Beautiful bag!
  8. Shoegal - yes, I have seen it! A girl that I work with has it, and really likes it. It's beautiful too, and much more impressive in real life - I think it would make a really good everyday bag. It reminds me of Catherine Devevue (sp?) for some odd reason, although thats a good thing! I know that the Barneys in beverly hills just got their new stock of givenchy bags in 2 fridays ago, so they probably are the best to ask if they have it or a large black nightingale in stock. And yes, I heard about the change in the nightingale for fall - sad! But it makes me glad that I have one now instead of waiting like I was planning to! :rolleyes:

    Good luck!
  9. Love that!! Very hot!

    I have a clarabelle boston bag. I love it!
  10. ^ Does the Clarabelle fit on your shoulder w/o a coat?
  11. Love the leather, looks yummy. Congrats
  12. :drool: Oooooo so nice.
  13. That is a gorgeous bag!! I was thinking about it myself. Now I just have to find it - I want to see it IRL before I splurge. Congrats!!:smile:
  14. modelling pics please!
    i've been wanting a bettina. i hope i can get one.