Givenchy Antigona Vs YSL Cabas Chyc Mini Vs Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote


Sep 14, 2012
Hi everyone I tried to search regarding this topic but I havent found one. So I wanted to know which bag do you prefer if you could only choose one esp when it comes to design and quality? All these bags have one thing in common and that is the shoulder strap option which I love. Also which bag would you consider a classic? Would love to hear your opinions:smile:


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Nov 29, 2010
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My vote is for the Givenchy Antigona - the satchel shape is one that has been around for ever and every design house has one or more in that shape (LV speedy, Gucci doctor bag). Because the basic shape is classic, I think you will be able to always use it. However, the bag is designed to stand apart from the average satchel thus ensuring that it remains interesting visually. As you noted, you can carry it over your shoulder and it holds a lot.

The other two bags you are considering are lovely as well, and generally speaking, I like the cabas chyc because I'm a YSL doll :smile: I wouldn't buy the Prada as I have never liked that bag, personally, though it looks good on lots of girls.

So, in order of preference - Givenchy Antigona, YSL Cabas Chyc - and that's it.

Good luck!


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Sep 16, 2009
All 3 are great bags. It's going to depend on your size. The YSL mini is quite tiny. The small antigona seems a bit larger than the mini and of course you can get the saffino lux in a couple different sizes.

Would you prefer saffiano leather or a softer leather. If you like pebbled or softer leather better, you can get rid of the saffiano from the list. Do you prefer gold or silver hardware? If you like silver, you can only get the antigona in silver.

You can't go wrong with any of them, imo. I think the Prada is the most classic followed by the YSL. But the Antigona is a little edgier and more fun but can also be sophisticated depending on the outfit.


Oct 23, 2005
los angeles
Going with the Givenchy...because it is a little edgier...The brand is just evocative of designs that are a little underground...only for those in the know...not for everyone, but for someone...Givenchy has a nice thick hand with their trimmings...well built up leather tabs for handles, beyooootifal strap attachments which are always a dead giveaway of GREAT quality; nice sparkling, hefty faceted zippers (Pandora), unique trapunto handles on the Nightengale...Givenchy is designed for women who like a little "chunk" to their simple bags....Love them soooo much!


Oct 10, 2010
All are stunning and I can see what a difficult choice this is. My order of preference is:

YSL Cabas Chyc Mini

Givenchy Antigona

Prada Saffiano Luxe Tote