Givenchy antigona small W&T

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  1. Hi fellow purse lovers.

    I am the owner of an amazing givenchy mini bag (fits my frame fine as well since I am about 5’2)

    I never really could get the small size out of my head though, these bags are to me what the Chanel classics are to Chanel addicts.
    But, on the internet I have seen some terrible condition shaped bags. Basically, they lost shape.

    Is that only with the medium & large size? My mini still looks brand new and feels sturdy.
    How is that with the small size?

    Do you have photos of your much used small (smooth leather) bag?
  2. I’ve had a small for 2 years and it still has the same structure as it did the day I got it. I think it depends on the material and how you treat the bag. I keep mine stuffed when not in use. I’ve also seen the larger ones out and about that still look good.
  3. What type of leather do you have?
  4. Hi there, I've been using my small antigona for only a few months (but pebble leather), but I did notice the very slight change of 'shape'. Like the protruding vertices at the front and back are a little 'flatter' compare to when I just got it, so the bag looks slightly less 'diamond' shaped from the front. However I did put it through a lot. It's my work bag so I chuck it on the floor everyday and kick it often, and I do carry my whole life and a chemist with me, so I guess maybe it's the weight? Hope this helps lmao.
  5. I guess it’s pebbled leather
  6. IMG_6836.JPG

    Or maybe not pebbled leather. Not sure. Here’s a pic for reference and this is it definitely over stuffed.
  7. Indigo blue? Love the colour :smile:
  8. Tag says royal. I have a thing for blue bags. Thank you!