Givenchy Antigona Reveal!

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  1. Been using my Antigona in calfskin smooth leather for 2 years and it still look like a brand new bag! no scratches at all, very impressed with the leather and love the design as well :smile:

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  2. I love this bag. I have the small in black
  3. The Antigona is really a wonderful bag! I have two, red in medium, small in black.
  4. Very nice. I love the Ant in smooth, the nightingale in grain. Excellent choice!
  5. Gorgeous, some people tend to underestimate the smooth leather, but this proofs it's super durable. Thanks for sharing! :smile:
  6. Beautiful! Congrats on your purchase and still loving it.
    I saw this yesterday in the store and fell in love immediately. I was considering if red can go with everything? And I was wondering when is this red released, since I just saw it in the store and you got yours 2 years ago.
  7. Lovely!! Fun color too!
  8. ❤️
  9. Pretty bag!!
  10. Stunning! Congrats!
  11. Beautiful bag, esp for summer! agree 100% with how well the calfskin/smooth holds up. I have a small in the dark beige and must have got some crud on it while out to lunch the other day. One wipe with a wet tissue and it was gone :smile:
  12. I was saying the exact same thing to someone at work the other day! I've had my smooth black one 2 years in October and I've used it nearly every day for work and it's still immaculate. They're such fantastic, durable bags.
  13. All time favourite bag! Looks amazing!
  14. IMG_1470710610.120282.jpg

    I am so in love! This is just perfection!
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  15. Gorgeous bag!