Givenchy Antigona - Reveal & some comments

  1. I received my medium tricolor Antigona bag today! Been ogling this bag on these forums for ages. Finally I got it online - it was the first designer bag I'd purchased where I didn't see it in person first, so it was a bit of a gamble. But it worked out well, I love this bag so much!

    Here are some pros and cons:

    - It's super structured, unlike any other bag I've ever owned.
    - The leather feels really smooth. It's not as strokeable as my Pandora bag but then it's also not a slouchy bag.
    - I'm 5'2" so the bag is big on me but I wanted a bigger sized bag. It's very roomy.
    - I love the huge zipper!
    - The different colors makes it more interesting.
    - I love having the option of carrying it on the shoulder. The drop strap is the perfect length.

    - If I do carry it using the shoulder strap, it's a bit awkward because the handles sticks up into my armpit.
    - The light coloured handles - although it looks great, I'm worried it'll get dirty easily.

    All wrapped up


    Handles. I could smell the leather already.

    Here she is! Didn't take the wrapping off the strap yet.

    Back view with the strap.

    Closeup of the logo

    I really do love the gigantic zipper
  2. luv it luv it!!! congrats! :woohoo:

    is the leather used on the handles glazed? or does it feel matte? thinkin about getting this combo too.
  3. Thanks purse-nality! I feel like it's worth getting! The handles are in matte leather.
  4. could you please post pics of you wearing it with the strap? is it really that awkward? :sad: seriously considering getting this but if the straps dig into your armpits, it's giving me second thoughts!!

    your bag is so beautiful btw! :smile: makes me want it more (other than the whole arm pit digging factor)
  5. Gorgeous!!! I can understand your concern about those handles as well. Is there someway to pretreat/protect it? Maybe something from LMB, I know they have a product for handles.
  6. hmm, I am about your height and the handles dont stick up for me...but i think it's a lovely bag though...i use my strap more than the handle when I bring it for work.
  7. I like this color combination. Please try to make it work! I would hate to see you give up this beauty.....
  8. Congrats on the beauty!!! Enjoy!!
  9. Here are some shots. It doesn't go all the way up to my armpit. I do have big arms though :shame: When I carry it I'll probably push it backwards like in the 3rd pic.

  10. Hi randr21, do you mean that the handles on your bag don't stay upright?
  11. I will check LMB, thanks!
  12. This looks yummy enjoy it
  13. Very chic!!! Congrats! I'm a;ways concerned about light colored handles too but I like it better as a shoulder bag than a handbag anyway...
  14. ooooooooooh it's so nice!!!!! the handles don't look *that* awkward (esp if it's carried in the way it is in the last picture)

    tossing between this or bal giant city for a new "everyday" bag

    thanks so much for your help!!! :smile:
  15. thanks for the info! may i bother you w/ measurements pls? medium dimensions online are all over the place! i couldn't figure out whether 13" is the width taken from the base or widest part of the wings (strap d-ring to d-ring attachments). would you be so kind to measure both widths -base & wings? really appreciate it! :flowers: