Givenchy Antigona reveal and how I saved AUD$ buying from Harrods online

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  1. Hi ladies, super excited to share my first ever Givenchy purchase, my Givenchy Antigona in size small :smile:

    I first saw and tried on this beauty in the Sydney flagship store and fell in love.... but not so much with the $3400 AUD price tag lol.

    I knew I wanted this bag and made it my mission to find a cheaper price online. I looked at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Net a porter, Matches fashion, Mytheresa, all their prices were only slightly cheaper than Sydney until I came across Harrods.

    This bag currently retails for $2451 on Harrods online. Thats already close to a $1000 saving WOW and just my luck they had an additional 10% off storewide sale so I was super lucky with the extra discount, it was meant to be!! :smile:

    For any Aussie ladies reading this, the prices are quoted in AUD and at checkout, UK VAT and duty is deducted from the price then local AU tax is added. The only additional charge is delivery which was $46. All in all you can expect to pay the retail price you see plus delivery costs.

    Delivery expectations was 10-12 days. I ordered on Sunday night and I received it a week later on the Monday. They used DHL to deliver and it was nicely packaged in a brown Harrods box and super protected with a lot of bubble and air wrap so I know it had a safe journey here :smile:

    Anyways here she is, my beautiful Caramel small Antigona with SHW :heart:

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  2. Congrats! Gorgeous bag
  3. Thanks so much :heart:
  4. Love the look & smell of new leather luxuries! You're not the first person who's recommended Harrods on here especially for Australians/NZ-ers. I can totally understand your pain with the $$$$ charged on us. Even for LV, I went into the Auckland store enquiring for the Alma BB vernis, on LV's Australian website it's quoted AUD2,280 (incl taxes), and in NZ it's quoted NZD2,860!!! Surely the currency exchange cannot justifiably push it that high..the SA told me it covers the shipping cost to NZ argh. Although I ended up getting it anyway on duty free (just have to wait for a painful 3 weeks to pick it up on leaving the country), it's still a bit hard to swallow!
  5. I know its so ridiculous that we get charged so much more here in AU and NZ to purchase luxury handbags compared to overseas!! I would have happily bought my bag in Australia but how can you justify paying for something that is $1000 cheaper overseas. I can buy a second handbag with those savings lol. Well lucky you had the opportunity to buy duty free since you're going overseas, that's better than nothing! Congrats on your Alma BB!! I originally wanted a smaller cross body and was deciding between the Alma BB too or the Gucci Soho Disco and in the end bought this beauty lol. Agree with the new leather smell on bags, love! :smile:
  6. Wow - I'm from the US and saw another post (and this one) about Harrods and I don't normally shop on international sites but thought I would check it out ... For the Givenchy Antigona (medium) I would be saving around $800! That's including the US tax and shipping... Thanks for the post!
  7. Congrats on the stunning Antigona! I almost pulled the trigger on a panda during that sale, but I decided to be good & save some cash for an upcoming trip. :smile: Another helpful tip for Harrods: switch between your local currency & GBP to see which one is cheaper. I'm in the US & it would have been cheaper (by $200 or so, I believe) for me to have paid in GBP (& let my CC company convert to GBP) rather than buying in USD. I even used an inflated exchange rate to be on the safe side & I was coming out ahead. :smile:
  8. Thanks for the tip!! :smile:
  9. Congrats! I love the color!! You are going to love this bag, I have the medium size in black SHW and I can't seem to put it down!
  10. I meant let my CC convert GBP to USD, but I'm pretty sure you all got the gist. :smile: You're welcome, Yogathlete!
  11. Happy to help!! We need to look out for each other so we can keep on buying our luxury handbags :smile: :smile:
  12. Winning!! Yay and thanks for that awesome tip will definitely try that for next time. I think we need to start a Harrods fan club with all our tips and purchases haha in fact I might actually do that myself :smile: xx
  13. Thanks so much I am already in love so far :heart: I love the black Antigona its such a classic look! I did contemplate between a medium but glad I stuck with the small as I dont carry too much and I am such a shorty I thought the medium might look too big on me :smile:
  14. I literally just bought this same bag last night for full price. $2400 here in the US. Went online to harrods and I would save $1000!

    Guess what's going to be going back to Neiman's tomorrow?

    Thanks so much for this post!
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  15. Yay happy to help! We need to look out for each other :smile: its crazy how the prices of the bags fluctuate so much across the world. Did you get the Caramel too isnt it devine, bag twins!! :smile: