Givenchy Antigona - Classic Bag or Fleeting Trend

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  1. Hey my wonderful TPF sisters-

    Got a question for you. I have been contemplating selling my Tri-color Antigona. Just wondering what you all thought about the bag. Is this bag going to become an iconic classic OR is it just a fleeting trendy bag like the Fendi Spybag wound up becoming? Please let me know your thoughts before I make the big decision. Thanks. :smile:
  2. Here is a picture from my thread when I first received her.

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  3. i think the antigona has become a classic bag. especially in black.
    i personally not a fan of tri-color bags though, i would sell it and fund it for a classic neutral colour of antigona.
  4. I've read that there are some that think Givenchy is a brand that's up and down in popularity, but having owned their bags since it first came out, it's only become more popular, whereas before, it was more of an under the radar bag brand.

    Back to your specific question, I do think it's a classic shape and style b/c its very minimal. However, if you are over the tricolor, maybe you should sell it. But if you love it still, you should keep it.
  5. Everything that I could have wanted to say has been said! Other than that, if you intend to hand carry it the light handle may get slightly discolored over time (but nothing bag twillies can't fix.) Just to put that out there for you to consider.
  6. I don't own an Antigona YET, but like someone else said, I believe the shape is one that you will find in years to come and will certainly become an iconic bag. I love your tricolor!
  7. Classic, I think it will be relevant for years to come.
  8. It's not the color of the bag (tri-color) that makes me want to sell it as I LOVE the bag itself, just wondering if this will just eventually be another It bag that will soon fade away
  9. +1.

  10. Same here. I think Antigona is one of the most recognizable and most copied designer handbag out right.
  11. I vote for classic. I have the smooth shiny black in medium and see myself carrying her for years to come!!!!
  12. +1 for the ant being a classic though I also agree a solid color might work better in terms of longevity.
  13. I think it's a Givenchy Classic style
  14. Classic--the lines and the colorway are timeless.