Givenchy antigona bicolored


Feb 11, 2010
My givenchy small antigona. Initially i thought the color is orange and olive green from the pictures i got in one of the reseller, who happened to be in Paris. She was selling this design to me at 107thousand pesos roughly 2900USD but i didnt get since the price is too much. Until one of the staff of my husband saw the bag in duty free philippines and gave me a call. Her card was declined but due to my eagerness to have it one of the staff is also leaving so we gave him the money to get it for me. From philippines the bag went to Singapore then back to the Philippines:smile: He was able to buy this bag at 1,600USD with 10% discount.:biggrin: in But the actual color of the handle is tan. When its meant to be it will happen. Now this beautiful bag is mine.



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May 25, 2006
New York City
What a great color combo! It makes the antigona's structured look seem less serious and more fun! I think the handle is supposed to be tan, b/c I recall seeing this bag online somewhere. What an amazing deal too. So glad you were able to find out so randomly!