GIVENCHY Antigona bags F/W 2011 - S/S 2012 Plus Reference Thread

  1. Here are the pics of me wearing shiny black medium antigona. So you can see how medium is. I'm 5'5" by the way. These are pics with non-heavy stuff inside (wallet, keys, etc) and pics with heavy stuff (wallet, iPad). It does sag a little bit when there's heavy items in it but not as much as the calfskin one. She is still a beauty none the less!!!
    image-2380644952.png image-3521860841.png image-1379151840.png image-3420797178.png image-4269744322.png image-230999694.png
  2. That bag looks perfect on you!! Totally has convinced me I want one over a nightingale..
  3. I'm 5"2....would the medium be too big on me? I've been looking for a classic black bag that won't go out of style. This looks perfect!! I'd love love love to see some pics of someone holding the small size???
  4. your an angel thank u so so much:smile:
  5. If you like the structured look get the antigona!! I have absolutely no regrets!! :smile:
  6. Hi RugbyWife,

    It might look a little larger than you but if you don't mind large handbags it shouldn't be the problem. I couldn't find the dimension size for small size online and the medium size dimension on Barney's website sounds a little larger than it is. I will measure the exact dimension when I get home tonight and will let you know. That way you can measure it onto a piece of paper or something and see how that size looks on you. :smile:
  7. Glad I can help Liav!!! Post up pics if you decide to get one. :smile:
  8. Oh Tammyjam!! This bag is GORGEOUS on you!!!

    What color is the hardware? May I ask how much it was? Regular price or sale price?
  9. Thanks Tammyjam!! You're the best ;) I would really really appreciate it!!
  10. The hardware color is kind of a pale gold/silver-gold color. I got it from
    Barneys and i paid $1970 (not on sale) for it 2 months ago. I am not sure if the shiny black leather is available in medium anymore, but they do have it in large size now which they never had last season. I took a pic of the hardware last night. here's the pic:
  11. That bag is worth every penny! It's so beautiful on you!
  12. SO excited. Just ordered myself the Medium Black in is the perfect black bag!! :woohoo::yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
  13. I'm actually wondering what size Antigona Nicole Richie carries? I'm the same height as her....just not as slim :giggles::giggles::giggles: I like that size on her....
  14. So sorry for the newbie question, but which leather is preferred? I would like something tougher and more scratch resistant. TIA!
  15. Hi Tinn3rz,
    The calfskin scratches very easily, the shiny black leather I got mine in is more tough than the calf skin. When I was at the Barney's store, the calfskin ones on display all had scratches all over it while the shiny black leather didn't have any scratches. I'm sure the other leathers that are not calfskin will be more scratch resistant. I hope I helped!!