GIVENCHY Antigona bags F/W 2011 - S/S 2012 Plus Reference Thread

  1. Yay! Please, please, please post some mod shots of your Antigona - I'm dying to see how it looks on. Super curious if it maintains that structured look, or if it slouches like a Pandora.
  2. Can't wait to see it RERE!
  3. This is mine, I'm not holding it in this pic, but mine holds its shape for the most part unless I put something really heavy in it, then the bottom gives out a little bit, otherwise it keeps it's shape. I'm not sure about the calf skin, but the one I got is the shiny leather which is a bit more tougher than calfskin one.

  4. I have this same bag and LOVE it. I hope you enjoy this beauty!
  5. Thank u I will!!! I am so happy with this one. I found that the calfskin was way too delicate for me, had scratches all over the display. Love love love!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. I'm so excited! I ordered an Antigona and it's supposed to ship on Friday!!
  8. Ehem! I have photos, I do. I just haven't has time to start a thread. It doesn't slouch like the Pandora at all, but I am really digging the semi-structured look.

    Will post pics soon. :cool:

  9. congrats, i'm debating getting the same one. only thing holding me black is the fact that it's basic black. if it had another color along the piping or something, i'd be more keen. are you still glad you got the black?
  10. hi gorgeous bag im looking at purchasing one too can i ask is this leather called the spazzalato leather?? i saw a really patent leather version but it looks different from yours i dont like it so id like to know the name of your leather for reference thank u..
  11. Hi there! No it is not the spazzalato leather. It was just called "shiny black leather" I think the leather is just regular leather that has been polished to make it shiny but on the matte side. it is not patent though. This was last seasons so I'm not sure if they will have the exact same one in medium, they might though. If you ask sales associate they might be able to track one down for you :smile: I got mine at Barneys if that helps.
  12. what size is your bag btw im deciding between small and medium thank u
  13. It is a medium but I'll take a picture of me carrying it tonight when I get home so you can see what size it is. Depending how tall or short you are, small might be a better choice, when I first got the medium I thought it was HUGE but it grew on me :smile:...the large size was out of the question, way too big for me. I'll take a pic tonight though!