GIVENCHY Antigona bags F/W 2011 - S/S 2012 Plus Reference Thread

  1. Thank you!! Carried it for the first time today and caught many admiring looks from fellow bag lovers : D I got it at the TJmaxx in Framingham,Ma

  2. hey! its the tie dye pony hair :smile: it comes in a black with red in the middle instead of white as well! so beautiful!

    oh and i believe its pre-fall...
  3. Soooo lucky!!! LOVE that combo!!! Enjoy wearing her :smile:
  4. this gold?
  5. I love this combination too! Is this from the new season?
  6. OMG I really want to own Dark Violet/Bright Blue/Brown.
  7. Does anyone know if the Antigona is on sale anywhere - preferably in NYC? Would love to get one of these beauties before the summer is over and my favorite colors are from the S/S collection. :graucho:
  8. how much 3colours antigona medium in europ? anyone can helps
  9. HELP Ladies:

    LVxKusama (Red with White Polka Dots) Lockit MM


    Givenchy Medium? Large? (How big is the dfference?) - Antigona in the Shiny Black


    Givenchy M/L Antigona in Red.

    I would LOOOVE the Gold one though..

    Thoughts? - i want a "classic" with a "twist" feel.
  10. Thanks randr21!

    I was hoping it would be the small - the medium would be too big for me. looks like i might have to return it after all :sad:
  11. hello ladies! I just received my medium antigona from selfridges (I'm from AUS) and it's smooth leather. the tag says 100% cow leather and i was wondering how I would go about taking care of her? should i spray her with any kind of water proofer first? Sorry if this isn't the correct thread but any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. greenbean22, your antigona is simply gorgeous! May I know how much did you pay for it and what is the model no.? Thanks in advance!