Given the choice, which diamond studs would you choose?

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  1. If any?

    1ctw (.5 each) GIA excellent cut, color I, VVS1, med to slightly thick girdle
    Table 55%, depth 62.3%, crown angle 35*, pavilion angle 40.8*
    Table 55%, depth 62.2%,crown angle 35.5*, pavilion angle 40.6*

    1.2ctw (.6 each) GIA excellent cut, color H, VVS2, med girdle
    Table 55%, depth 61.9%, crown angle 35.5*, pavilion angle 40.6*
    Table 55%, depth 62.7%, crown angle 36*, pavilion angle 40.6*
  2. None. They're too deep and those angles don't go together. Check out the cheat sheet in the reference thread. The 2nd pair is better of the two, but neither should get your money.

    I'd personally come down on clarity to a VS1, unless you have a strong reason for wanting studs that clean, like you'll use them later in a ring.
  3. I see what you mean. Your cheat sheet makes much more sense when not drinking champagne but shopping for diamonds is a lot more fun with the bubbly. And the search goes on... thanks again!