Given a choice would you rather purchase

  1. a good condition used Keepall or brand new? The only reason I ask is I have a new one and I am afraid to use it because of getting it dirty! I will not ever check it, but even being in the overhead or in my trunk...might get dirty. Whereas a slightly used one already is broken in....
  2. I would stick with a new one, But dont be afraid to use it.
  3. Depends on the condition of the used one. I think like you as well, scared to use a brand new bag because of that very reason, so if the used one is in very good condition (no rips, tears, stains, dirt marks...only a nice honey patina) then I'd get it if it has a good price as well. If the used one and the new one are only off by like $100-$200...well...then I'd go with the new one. :smile:
  4. :yes:
  5. for a keepall, i'd probably go with a used one...unless it's the carryall!

    i just's not a handbag..and since it'll be used as a luggage, might as well get it used so u won't feel so bad throwing the bag around...but that's just me.
  6. i would go with a slightly used keepall. I have two brand new ones purchased few years back and still have not every used them. I do however have a keepall purchased from eBay, which was slightly used, and so far its been on at least 10 trips with me.
  7. I'd go for a slightly used keepall, if it's just a patina that makes it look used. I'd be too freaked out to use a new one, and potentially get water marks all over it or something!
  8. I'd go with a new one
    I want my bags to be broken in by me
    enjoy your new keepall..don't be afraid to use it
  9. The one I was offered has a few slight water marks on the outside but super clean on the inside, price isn't so much the issue as if I will be afraid to use it, although it is about 400 less.
  10. I say in the end it all depends on you I would rather have a new one and just suck it up and use it, after all thats what they made it for. But then if you know when you buy it you aren't going to use it then you should just get the used one, even though I don't like the sound of water marks.
  11. Used, as long as its clean inside go for used.
  12. Id go for a new one :biggrin:
  13. Sounds alright to me, I mean if you really want to you cuold clean off the watermarks, right? $400 off is pretty good...
  14. I fly a good bit & would get the used one as long as the inside is clean. I don't want to stress over my possessions & ruin a trip.
  15. I would get the brand new one.