Given a choice...what would you do?

  1. Just wondering what you'd do 'cause I'm not sure what I'd do.....

    32cm Togo Kelly? ...... or......30cm Togo Birkin? and why?

    not that I'm making this decision or anything....;)
  2. You don't have a 30cm Birkin as I recall. Go for something new.
  3. shopmom, you have 3 kellys already but only 1 birkin. It's time to get another birkin!!!

    Love your birkin!!!
  4. togo birkin would be my vote, basd on your current collection.

    Obviously, you have something up your sleeve!:wlae:
  5. ^Thinking about Mario and Peter and their Birkin I think. :smile:
  6. no,no, sleeves are empty right now 'cause my checkbook has been working overtime!!!!

    I was just thinking that my 32cm Chocolate Togo Kelly is too similar in some ways to a 30cm Togo Birkin....and let's just say you want a real casual kind of Birkin. Would you want a leather like Togo or Clemence? Something kind of slouchy that would be more casual than say....Box or Chamonix or Chevre?

  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: omg well you know me!

    ....except I've gotta bring home the Croc FIRST before I buy anything else from them......:shame:
  8. Clemence.
  9. I would vote for birkin as well.. its harder to find and very casual!!

    Shopmom, maybe u can exchange ur kelly with a birkin without pressuring your cheque book.. i would do that :smile:

  10. i don't like the Kelly. something about the shape bugs me.

    get the Birkin :love::yes:
  11. wah?? there's nothing wrong w/ a kelly's shape - but to each their own. hmmmm.... if jose let you pick between the two, then get the birkin.:smile:
  12. I guess this is what's on my mind for today......

    So, I now own a few Kelly's. I love them all and they are all different. Togo, Chevre, Combo. What I'm finding is that I really, really like a more structured look for the Kelly....Chevre, Box, Chamonix, etc.

    I kinda feel bad that Chocolate Togo isn't going out as much....anyone else out there have a Togo Kelly?
  13. Shopmom, for a real casual kind of Birkin, either Togo or Clemence is fine...IMHO

    HTH! :flowers:
  14. Shopmom I have a togo kelly but i have to say i am much more of a bikin girl!!!:smile:
  15. I prefer togo in a Birkin since I like more structured and smooth/fine grain leathers on Kellys (box, chamonix, chevre)