Giveaway: Spring07 Fashion Week Bag

  1. Hi. I've been enjoying the tPF for months now. Everyone is so sweet.

    I'm at Fashion Week in New York. Attended 20 shows already (plus some fabulous parties ... met [SIZE=-1]Nicolas Ghesquiere at the Barneys party).

    I've seen people carrying the new Derek Lam purse, the YSL muse, some Balenciaga bags (various shapes and sizes), one Chloe Betty (haven't seen the Paddington), some Goyard, some birkins (at socialite favorites Tuleh and Carolina Herrera), lots of the fall 06 Miu Mius, one rusched Prada -- all I can remember, sorry, haven't paid that much attention to the bags :nuts: -- and lots of these fluorescent yellow totes. They are given away by the television station WE who have been sponsoring Fashion Week for a couple seasons now. They make a different bag every season and are somewhat coveted in that if you have one it means you've been attending the shows. I'm not a particularly big fan -- I just took one to carry my books and gifts in -- so I'm giving it away here on tPF.

    They are pretty big in that you can fit a bunch of magazines upright in them. Canvas material with chocolate brown leatherette piping and shoulder strap (not adjustable). Pockets on the inside. WE logo is discreet.

    I'll take pictures of people carrying these bags inside the tent later when I go back.

    Plus I'll include some Dailys, large daily magazines that talk about what's going on during Fashion Week. They are fun and gossipy. I can also include some programs/invites too but I don't know if anyone would want them.... Post if you are interested. I may also include some beauty and haircare products, etc. (I've gotten tons of gifts.)

    I can also include a $250 gift certificate to Judith Ripka. If you are only interested in this, I have another that I'm going to give away.

    Post on this thread if you are interested. I will randomly choose a name sometime after Fashion Week ends.

  2. I'm interested!! sonya, you are a sweetie!
  3. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted!
  4. oh wow, that's so sweet of you sonya! I'm interested - thanks!! enjoy fashion week!
  5. Marly, are you interested?

    Also, the color is brighter than the picture shows. The hardware is bronze.
  6. I soooo interested
  7. I'm interested! That bag is very pretty and looks very roomy!

    Have a great time at Fashion Week :biggrin:
  8. Hi Sonya,

    Thanks for posting! I'm in Canada so you can exclude me from the draw, but I just wanted to say that this was really nice of you!
  9. Sonya, this is so sweet of you! I'm interested!
  10. Ohhhhh Count me in!!!!! pls and thank you!!
  11. Jadecee, I can send it to Canada for you. :smile:

    Yes, but you do make a great point. This is for US or Canada only (because of shipping costs).

    The bag is roomy. :smile:
  12. Wow! Put me down too!
  13. How sweet of you..and Im so jealous you are there!!LOL!

    Count me in PLEASE!
  14. Yay - glad you can include Canada! :yahoo: Count me in the draw too!
  15. Count me in! Thanks SOnya!