Give up on waiting for pochette kirigami in mono?

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  1. Hi guys. Should I give up waiting for it?! It's been out of stock on the uk site for agesss, I'm checking and refreshing the site hundreds of times in the day. Everytime I call to check if its available in store, they say it's not available anywhere in the UK :sad:

    This would have been my first LV purchase, and I really have my heart set on it. Didn't realise it was so much in demand?
  2. Oh wow. Sorry to hear it’s not available. It is currently available in the US.
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  3. :sad: I think I'm going to attempt stalking during the odd hours of the night instead of just daylight hours. Might get lucky?!
  4. I have seen it available a few times in September, but you need to be quick.
  5. On the uk site?! Can't believe I've missed it! Thanks for giving me some hope though!
  6. Yes on the UK
    Good luck
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  7. Maybe you could check at a store and order one through a CA? Depends on how far you live from a store ofcourse
  8. I had one in my basket online last week but didn't pull the trigger as I had never seen one in person. They also had one in Westfield London last weekend. They are about you just have to keep at it.
  9. :O I called them last week twice and they said they had no stock anywhere in London!
  10. I was there last weekend as I was after a some things and the SA confirmed they had one earlier in the day that they had sold.
  11. I've ordered it!!! I just refreshed the page and suddenly it says to add to cart! I last checked 30minz ago and it wasn't available! I checked out as soon as I possibly could and the order went through, and straight away it became unavailable again! So happy!! My first LV! I don't get to splurge often, this is my second ever premium designer item! Thank you everybody for not letting me give up!

    But knowing my luck, what are the chances I get an email saying sorry but item is not available and we will refund your money back?!
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  12. Im so happy for you! :nuts: Have faith. Many items I’ve stalked and purchased, disappeared right after ordering it. I’ve been successful in receiving my purchase almost 100%. :biggrin: (The only item that didn’t go thru was the Giant Speedy):biggrin:
  13. Aww thank you so much!
    I've ordered it hot stamped with my looking back, for future reference, should I not have done that, waited to receive it and then had it hot stamped at a store, incase there are defects? As it is no longer returnable now.
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  14. I’m sure it will be ok. :smile: Can’t wait to see it when you get it.
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  15. Yeah I knew you would eventually find one. It just takes some perseverance. Enjoy your new purchase.
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