Give up Hermes???????????? Whaaat?

  1. So, tonight at dinner at Dona Tomas in Berkeley, a very close friend of mine said, "oh one day you'll give up on all this superficial stuff and realize what's important" referring to my handbag obsession. I didn't get upset with her at the time....only now, 2-hours later I'm thinking about it and it's not sitting very well with me.

    Have you had friends say this kind of thing to you? What's your reaction?

    Why couldn't I think of a snappy come-back?????? :sad:
  2. What is she? A philanthropist?

    I can't believe she thought it was OK to say something like that to you. I'm like you, I tend not to react to comments like these, preferring to keep the peace, and I stew over it later (and drive my DH nuts!!).
  3. :wtf: are you freaken kidding me? what kind of friend says that? not a very nice comment, if you ask me.

    in fact it sounds like a catty than anything else. she said it to just mess w/ your head, nothing else. *sigh* why are some people like that?:shrugs:

    *hugs* i'm sorry that happened to you.

    and to answer your question, no, none of my friends HAVE ever said that to me. lol - they know better!:P

    if it's really bugging you tomorrow, just call her up and tell her that the comment didn't sit well & was insulting. explain to her that this has been long term hobby of yours and what she said hurt your feelings.

    good luck.:flowers:
  4. lol - i'm the same way. drives my DH batty. he doesn't understand why i "just sit there and take it" but it's useless explaining that at the time, you're just too stunned to comment.

    even if donna's friend was a philanthropist, whatever she decides to do w/ her $$$ is entirely her perrogative! why look at warren buffet (ok, maybe that was a bad example) but you know what i mean.:P
  5. ABSOLUTELY HL, I totally agree....I was just asking because I thought she (the friend) might have tried to justify her comments because she considers what she does with her own money charitable? Not that it is a justification to say anything like what she said, but if she's giving all her money away, perhaps she would *feel* justified in making the comment??? I would NEVER judge anyone on what they choose to spend their money on, nor feel it was OK for me to pass judgement, voice my opinion.......personally, I think Kelly's are a FINE way to use your hard earned money!!!!!:graucho:

    I think it's crazy how some people think it's OK to just state their opinion, especially what some "friends" think it's OK to say.....mine are terrible at times!!!
  6. Yeah....this one bothered me....we've been friends for a long time. just an icky thing that happened tonight....that's all....makes me feel bad....

    No-one says this kind of thing to men who buy Ferrari's and those ridiculous Hummers that you only need if your in the middle of Iraq and speed boats and high-end audio equipment and, well whatever else men buy......sports teams and stuff...I don't know....
  7. except their wives.......:lol:

    I hate whe ****ty things like this happen, because you'll think about it all night, now...........dream of Kelly's instead.........:flowers:
  8. No...she's not a philathropist at all....just someone who enjoys different things than I do. Her idea of heaven is sleeping in a napsack under the stars....and that's fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Mine is sleeping in a hotel room in New York and attending the opera! And afterward dining somewhere cozy with my DH. I don't know...that's just me. My days of camping under the stars and peeing in the woods are long gone........I like a nice shower, a comfy bed and a john!!!!!
  9. By the way - did she say what WAS important??????
  10. My Father-In-Law has a saying...."the only stars I sleep under are 5 stars!!!!"

    I love him!!!!!
  11. i agree... btw, check your inbox, donna. i sent you a pm. nite'all!
  12. ...and a few Kelly's!....
  13. Please don't worry about what she said...You have such a good taste and I LOVE all of your collection. I am sure your friend has her own addiction for something else!

    I am not saying your friend is a bad person. Please don't get me wrong...I am thinking...there is a BIG possibility that your friend has been jealous of you;) ...I really think so. BE HAPPY AND ENJOY your BEAUTIFUL collections!:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  14. This is what my DH just said, too.
  15. hmmmmm....quite possible...for a few reasons that don't even have to do with Hermes. She's still looking for someone to love and this, which is more important than anything, I have. My DH is the love of my life and even though DD is a royal pain in the patootie, she's basically a good kid. I've been all the most important ways.

    So, I'll just turn the other cheek and be a good friend....and while I'm doing that, I can carry a vintage Porosus Croc Kelly!!!!!!!