Give up Azur Speedy to fund Watercolor?

Jan 2, 2008
I want a light bag for the summer. I like the Watercolor and am currently waitlisted.

I bought a damier azur speedy 25 last year and it has been kept stowed away in its bag for fear of patina.

I saw a lady at the mall with an azur that had patina and I was turned off. But this was my first LV and I part with it?

I think the watercolor will be great with patina...I don't know what to do!!


Jan 28, 2008
Personally I like Azur Speedy, that's the bag that started this whole LV craze. However if you don't like it with patina you should probably sell it. I'd not keep a bag if I don't use it. Waste of money for me. But if you decide to sell it to fund the WC Speedy, I think it's important to bear in mind that the WC Speedy comes in bigger size (35 for US market, I think) which is pretty big compared to your 25, unless you can get your hand on WC Speedy 30. I don't think they have it in 25, though.


Oct 30, 2007
hmmm..this is a tough decision...I agree with you that I think the watercolor is going to look much better with patina than the azur...also, the watercolor is LE so once it is gone, it is gone!


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Oct 4, 2006
Yeah.....ditto what everyone else said! :supacool: No seriously, I agree - nab the LE and come back to the Azur later IF you want...but that is a good point that the Watercolor is only available in the 35 in the's a BIG BIG size for some. Something to consider...

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Dec 21, 2007
It seems that your not using the Azur Speedy so it's a waste to keep it since of your fear with patina. But as others said, take into consideration the jump from a Speedy 25 to the Speedy 35. If you dont mind the size, then go for the WC Speedy!


Apr 6, 2008
idk i like my azur it only has a little bit of patina. but if youre just gonna waste its life and keep it locked up in the closet you might as well get rid of it.

LIFE IS SHORT. USE YOUR BAGS! lol. its not like the leather cant be replaced down the line anyways.