Give the Gift of LV to those unfamilar?

  1. I went to my parents' home in Iowa this Thanksgiving holiday and brought along my brand spanking new Damier Azur Speedy 30 with me. I showed it to my mom (who btw is not familiar with the LV name at all) and she LOVED the spacious size and lightweight feel of the bag. Makes me think, I'd like to get her an LV for Mother's Day or her Bday next year. Is this an appropriate gift since she doesn't know anything about LV? Or would it be a nice gesture? :shrugs:
  2. If she loved it, she'll be happy to receive one for herself I'm sure. Go for it! :tup:
  3. u go for it! ;) it will be much appreciated for sure!
  4. I think it would be really sweet. And she might get really excited knowing it's an LV and then become obsessed like us all! Also, if she really seemed to like yours I think she would love to have one herself. It wasn't in my budget to do something like this for Christmas this year but I'm definitely thinking of doing this for my mother at some point in the future too.
  5. Since she loved your bag, I would go for it. The first LV is always special, so it's a great idea.
  6. I'd say get her one! What a wonderful experience to be the one to introduce LV to your mom!
  7. Actually that is how I was introduced to LV. My daughter wanted a speedy. I had never heard of LV, but she dragged me to the counter (yes, it was just a counter then) at Holts. We looked at the bags and I became hooked. I did end up buying her a speedy for her 17'th birthday. Hmmmm......I am still waiting for her to buy me an :shrugs: Kidding aside if your Mom has said she liked the bag, then go for it. I am sure she will be pleased.
  8. Thanks for the great input! I will definitely look at getting mom an LV for Mother's Day...not in my remaining Xmas budget this year (I am getting my parents a camcorder this year). :heart:
  9. I think thats a great, thoughtful gift. She'd probably never buy it herself. I like to get my parents stuff they like, but wouldn't get b/c of finances etc, its my way of saying thanks for all of their love and sacrifice while I was growing up.

    Plus, I bet her friends will be so jealous!!!
  10. Go for it! I bought my mom an LV that she fell in love with after she saw it on me.
  11. ~I say your mom deserves only the best from her daughter. She'll def. appreciate your generous gift!~
  12. yeah, i agree! get her one! it's a really nice gesture and i think it's even better if she doesn't know at all about LV and how luxurious it is.

    i wouldn't even tell her how much it was or anything...

    she would be pretty amazed how much it's worth and to find out will be like a second gift, you know what i mean?
    like "oh my!!! my daughter spent so much on a bag for ME??? *tears*appreciation*happiness*tears*" you know... ;)
  13. that's the best way to do it because you know she loves the bag for the bag and she'll use & love it
  14. I once gave LV as a gift to someone unfamiliar. When they were wearing it and another person told them the cost (rude), the person I gifted was upset as they believed it was more expensive then they were comfortable carrying. To me LV is not only about beauty, but more about quality and value in the long run. I say you know your moms comfort level so judge from there. My mother confiscated my black suhali:yes:!
  15. I think that since she liked your bag that she would love it when you get her one too, especially for mother's day or her birthday ... trust me, I'm a Mom and I appreciate it when my kids put thought and effort to showing appreciation to me. She'd love it especially since it's coming from you:tup: