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Got feel?

  1. Yay~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nay!! Take it off!!!

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  1. how does this look?

    strap is from damier pochette ipanema...on the damier pochette... would surely make a cute messenger-type bag! :smile:

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  2. sorry..forgot to add pics..added!
  3. It's just ok, I'm not too crazy about it!
  4. Do it if you like it! I think it's kinda cool!
  5. It does not flow size of pochette.. to strap. I'm sorry I have to say Nay:sad:
  6. i agree, but it doesn't look bad.
  7. I think it is hard to tell unless the bag is shown on a model. Personally, I think it makes a cute messenger bag.
  8. I said nay, I hate small bags worn across the body on long straps or even just on the shoulder, sorry rensky, but personally this bag is too small for that strap.
  9. Is the strap adjustable? Looks fine, could work well as a small cross body bag :yes:
  10. ..
    now im confused. should i take it out or not?
  11. I think it would look fine.
  12. The pochette ipanema is smaller than this pochette, isn't it? If you want a small bag for vacation or a "day out and about", I think this would be fine. It will free up your hands and look nice.

    But in the end, YOU have to decide if you like the look. :smile:
  13. Big Nay, don't think the size is good for a long strap, but as another person mentioned, would have to see it on a body to make a definite decision
  14. the pochette ipanema is smaller..originally i bought that because i wanted a small hands-free bag...but now they came out with the damier pochette :sweatdrop:

    true..lemme chk out myself in front of the mirror..and maybe post some pics lol

  15. Not really my cup of tea, but do whatever YOU like. You're the one carrying it :yes: