Give me your slim wallet recommendations!

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  1. Ladies, give me the slimmest wallet recommendations you have! I'm looking to forgo clunkiness and bells and whistles for a sleek shape. One thing is that it must have a change compartment, zipped or snap shut, doesn't matter. I would love for it to have several credit card compartments as well. I don't care brand, would prefer leather though, want it to last for a long time. I don't want to have huge turnlocks because then it pokes into everything else.
  2. I have a couple wallets from this brand, Tusk. They are real leather, you can check them out in Bloomingdales and some Nordstroms. Both of my larger wallets are very slim, it amazed me how much I could fit in and they would still look sleek.
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  4. Any leather preference? Exotics?
  5. Actually, no exotics please. I just want something durable (that'll last for years and years and years) and still fashionable. But most of all slimmmmmm. I'm looking at my current wallet in askance as it takes up half the room in my classic flap.
  6. Hermes Dogon...soooo thin, I love it!
  7. What cute stuff they have, I had to look at everything!
  8. fossil makes a thin wallet.

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  9. Ohhh that's so pretty!