Give me your HONEST opinion, do you like this purse?


what do you think of this bag?

  1. it's great, keep it

  2. looks cheap, return it

  3. it's ugly, return it

  4. get original set back

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  1. ok so I got this bag on Father's day from my boutique and took it home and DH doesn't like it. I previously had a white trim abbey hobo that I returned for this one cuz I didn't use it. I also got a matching wallet to this bag. He said I should take it back and exchange it for something else (see other thread w/what should I get poll). Anywho, I wanted to get your HONEST opinions on if you guys like this bag or not???

    DH said it looks cheap cuz of:
    1. the inside white zipper
    2. the skinny single strap
    3. the striped lining
    4. the leather doesn't feel that great compared to the leather on the abbey hobo which is a sort of crackled leather and thicker, KWIM??

    so give me your opinions you A)like this bag or not and B)think it looks cheap??

    Here are some pics of the new bag and also one of the set I returned. DH said he liked the other set sooo much better.

    guccistrap.jpg guccibottom.jpg gucciinsidezipper.jpg guccilining.jpg gucciabbeyset.jpg
  2. I prefer the set with the white trim, but you should keep whichever one you think you will use the most!
  3. like the abbey better ... and I see the same thing and the white stiching all over the shape doesn't do any good also ... sorry
  4. Personally I like the abbey better as well. The shape looks a lot better and the white trimming is hot!
  5. i think it looks better with the white leather trim.
  6. I think you should go with your gut feeling.DH tells me stuff is ugly at times and I tune his behind out,lol.
  7. final opinion please ladies as I'm going to gucci first thing in the AM!!
  8. I like the white trim set!
  9. Any modeling pics? IMO it doesn't look that great in those pictures (but it might look way better on you). I wouldn't call it cheap though and I like the lining.

    Anyway, IMO you should choose the bag you love and will use and not worry about your DH's opinion too much.
  10. i think DH only give honest opinions, hey what do they have to lose. so i guess listen to him.

    anyway, the abbey looks better but the britt is roomier. how about getting a horsebit?
  11. I really like this one.
  12. i have the one ur planning on getting in a pink suade :smile: i loveeeeeee it!! looks super cute and the style is awesome...good choice

    the current one, im not digging so much :sad: sorry!
  13. I like the set
  14. The white trim looks much better imho!!!