Give me your hints for this Heloise?

  1. Just received an email from BG with their new Fall Chloe bags and this was in the pile. At first I'm like, YES my new orange/red purse. However the more I studied it the more I felt disenchanted. I think it's the handle; it doesn't look complete to me and too bulky :confused1:.

    Anyway your thoughts?
  2. Is that berry's on the handles?? Not nice.......
  3. Oh boy. Or should I say HOLY PAPRIKA! Love the color, reminds me of balenciaga, but not crazy about that design.
  4. I'm not raving over it either. I'm not really keen on the superfluous rings on the handles but I bet it's nice in real life. Personally I'd rather have a Bay or a Bbag, lol.
  5. Love the shade of red and the leather looks yummy too. But not sure about the handles, need to see it IRL...
  6. I"m not liking it much. The straps remind me of hanging garlic only in red, lol. Did you guys see the new style paddington???? Boy, I"m glad I got my hands on the old style as it doesn't look like they are bringing that back.
  7. This doesn't do anything for me. But Chloe bags usually don't at first... I have to warm up to them over time.

  8. I like the braided handles, but that's about it. The design of the bag sucks! LOL
  9. Hmmm... I love the color, and I think the handles are pretty cool. But the bag looks blah to me. :nogood:
  10. Love the color, not sure what that is in the middle.