give me vacay ideas for september

  1. So, i was in cancun last march, and oahu this march. we want to go on vacay again this sept (every year isn't enough lol) and we're trying to think of where to go.

    Mexico will probably be it, as it can be done inexpensivly and it's all inclusive. give me mexico recs (or other recs if its a good price)

    i dont' want to go go cancun again. want to try something new.

    thanks girls :smile:
  2. My friends from Phoenix LOVE to go to Rocky Point. It's on the western coast of mexico.
  3. The west coast of Mexico is pretty & they don't have hurricanes, but the sea doesn't have that amazing color found on the east coast. You could go to Cozumel? I stayed at the Occidental Grand a couple of years ago. It was very nice. One thing about the entire Caribbean in September you should consider is that it's the peak of hurricane season.
    How about Europe? I have a vacation planned for September - Greece, Turkey & northern Italy.
  4. Paris is beautiful in September.
  5. I am headed to Europe too... A 10-night cruise to the Western Mediterranean. Going to hit Spain, France (Louie here I come!!!) and Italy!

    The cruise was $1100 per person and the airfare to Spain was $700 per person. All in all not too bad, I think!
  6. Pidgeon you did well with those fares. What ship are you sailing?
    I sailed on the Galaxy last year (Civit. , Naples, Mykonos & Santorini Greece, Sicily, Nice/Monte Carlo & Genoa/Portofino)
    In Sept. it will be on the Splendour of the Seas out of Venice.
  7. September is an "iffy" time in the caribbean. You might want to try Aruba in Sept. Less of a chance of hurricanes. We liked Aruba. It doesn't have the traditional caribbean "vibe." It's very much like Cancun.

    Or Barbados. I've been several times in early October and the weather was great.
  8. oh damn....i thought sept was still a safe time and oct was bad. lol ok, i guess no mexico. maybe we'll just go to cali and eat in-n-out. hehee
  9. We are sailing on the Celebrity Century. I was on this boat some time ago, I think in 1994. They have since overhauled it. The price is cheap because I went with an inside cabin (no window). We have cruised many times, and while a balcony is obviously best, I couldn't pass up the great deal on the inside cabin. $200 a day, with food included? Where else are you going to find that kind of deal in Europe?

    There were a few interesting cruises out of Venice, but we were in Italy two years ago, and the airport in Rome was the world's biggest nightmare. I won't fly there again.
  10. Cuba! Varadero is beautiful
  11. Pidgeon,
    Our next cruise will be our 11th. I am even more addicted to cruises than I am to handbags. Do you post on ?

    I flew to the Rome airport last year for the Galaxy cruise. It was no problem at all. I was worried before we went but it was actually a good experience. We didn't have to transfer, though since it was our final destination. The armed guards sort of freaked me out a little - we don't have those in US airports.

    This year we're flying AirFrance and I booked it before I found out that CDG in Paris is the worst airport in the world. It's too late to change airlines now since I already paid.

    I wouldn't mind getting an inside cabin, but my DH wouldn't tolerate it. I just want to go & I'm not fussy about the cabin, especially for Europe since I don't think you spend much time in the cabin. Last year we opted for the CC category with the consierge service & I thought it was a complete waste of money. European cruises are so busy that you don't have time for the extra amenties so I wouldn't do that again. Our cabin on the Splendour is one of those small balcony cabins.
  12. come over here to dubai i bet you´ll love it ;) and weather is ab fab in late september oh and bte it has its reason why we call our city DOBUY ;) loads and laods of possibilities to shop and some of the nicest beaches worldwide too
  13. Are you wanting a relaxing vacation or seeing someplace different? I'm pretty sure the flights to Europe will be much less for September. What about Cinque Terre, Italy and you could add Florence (the outlet shopping) and Lucca (I can recommend a great villa :smile: )
  14. Mazatlan is my favorite place in Mexico.
  15. We're Puerto Vallarta fans. We stay at Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta (north of the airport). They have a private beach and a fabulous spa there, plus a zoo where they do large cat rescue (lions and tigers and panthers, oh my!). If you go to PV, check out the Grand Velas too, also in Nuevo Vallarta...gorgeous!!! Also there's a 4 Seasons at Punta Mita which is supposed to be very nice, but it's an hour north. September will be VERY hot there.

    My favorite fall destination is San Francisco. September/October is the best weather of the year there, IMO.