Give me some Guidance

  1. I have been looking at different photos? Just need to know what is the correct way to carry an Hermes Birkin?

    Should it be closed ? Should the lock be closed? What side should the clouch be on?

    Help !
  2. I don't think there is a '"correct" way to carry a Birkin. It's however is most convenient to you and what complements your style. I've looked at countless pictures in the H forum and my generalization is that celebrities almost always carry them open and very sloppily, whereas socialites and most of us here would be more careful the way we would carry a Birkin, be it open or closed. I wonder if those celebrities like L Lohan actually purchased their Birkins themselves or if it was given to them and therefore they don't really care how they treat the bag.
  3. I carry mine open, flap inside with the straps. I like to wear mine with charms, cadenas, pocket scarfs or/and twillys.

    Do check out some of the older threads, possibly a few pages back in the subforum main page, on the same topic. And there are lovely eye candy there too!

    In addition you have the "Hermes in Action" thread to see how members carry their Birkins.

    Have fun!:flowers:
  5. I have looked for old threads but could not locate