Give me some advise - The Knot

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  1. So, went to the store today to look at The Knot ..again one might say.

    I think I'm gonna go for one in Elephant. However, I can't decide if should get the ordinary one or the stretched knot. What do you think? What's the difference? And how dirty do you think its gonna get? Should I choose one in black instead? I would really appreciate some advise. This would be my first Knot.
  2. Are you considering the silk satin Knots only? Those are the ones that will probably show the most dirt/wear. The satin can snag and show wear if you're not careful. How dirty--it depends on how frequently you use it.

    I have a silk satin Knot in antilope, a champagne sort of color. I love it. I got it for a special occasion to match my outfit, but it's so neutral that I have used it for other occasions. It still looks perfect, but that's probably because I've probably only used it 2 or 3 times in the past 9 months or so that I've had it.

    Get whichever color you think you'll enjoy most. For me, that would mean that I would avoid anything too light or pastel only because I'd fret about getting it dirty. My antilope Knot isn't so light-colored that I worry over it, but others might feel better about getting black only.

    As for the regular size versus Stretch, I like them both. Does the Stretch Knot come in elephant? The Stretch seems to hold a little more--or perhaps it doesn't actually hold more, but it is more forgiving as to its contents. With the regular Knot, I can fit all my essentials, but I have to fill it just right or else it won't close. Also, the bulk of it depends on the material. My satin Knot seems a little thick in the hand because the weave is sumptuous and pronounced. Some of the Stretch Knots seem the same way, but some of the flatter weaves or smooth surfaced ones feel slimmer in the hand.

    As for which you should choose, I can't really opine because I went for both--I will be getting a Stretch Knot in black in a few months, and I'm looking forward to it.

    Good luck deciding!
  3. ^ Thank you .. No, it doesn't have to be satin only but the ones I like right now are only in satin and smooth. I do like the faille moire better ( more structure) but they don't have that one in a color I like. So its either elephant or black in regular or stretch. It's actually called "new black" it's a dark, dark purple. When you hold it against black or grey you clearly see its purple. Very nice. Perhaps that one will hold up better.

    (Yes, the stretch knot comes in elephant)

    The best thing would be to get one in crocodile
  4. it is a difficult choice, I have and like both
    IMO the stretch is more practical (capacity wise) but the small is more classic BV
    But you can't go wrong with either
    There are many modeling pix in the celebrity thread, they might help with your decision
  5. ^ didn't even think about that. Gonna check out the celebrity thread.
  6. I tried on an ash crocodile stretch knot in Neiman's that was exquisite.
  7. The Stretch Knot is easier to grasp and it hold a little more. I am also getting one in Karung. I have a regular Knot in Azure silk/satin...and I have to be really careful with it.
  8. ^ Would you say it's better to get one in black instead of elephant? I'm trying to get away from black but this one is so nice and not really black :smile:
  9. Personally I think the smaller knot is easier to hold, because it's lighter in weight. I also like the way the smaller looks in the hand. The stretch knot is a nice "statement piece" though, with dramatic appeal. I don't think you can go wrong either way!
  10. Thanks everyone. I think I'll go with the regular one in elephant.
  11. Hi, Mediana. I too prefer the classic (smaller) knot and the elephant would be so lovely. Oh, and it will go beautifully with your Marron BdG Dip Dye, I think. (yes, I've been following that thread and your avatar pic is hard to forget.:shame:smile:

    Please post pics when you get it!!

  12. I was very fortunate to have gotten ash croc and can't tell you

    how much I love and enjoy having it!!!:yahoo:

  13. The elephant is really gorgeous.. prefer the smaller size as it just fits

    in the hand more gracefully.. also the black is smashing as it is timeless &

    classic and really works well in the evening.. the satin and light colors

    will pick up the natural oils from your hands but you should be fine

    using it.. whatever you choose enjoy the knot.. it is special:biggrin:
  14. Ahh, I didn't even think about the BdG but you're right. They will go great together.

    I'll post pic when I get The Knot ;)
  15. Hi! I recently got a silk knot in Mineral...nice champagne color---as Jburgh would say--- it looks pretty fragile coz of the light color---I got it for weddings I will be attending, so I would be one one my Special occasion go-to purse.
    I tried the Stretch knot the other day, it was in black with snake trim, its very nice, IMHO, I like the stretch knot better capacity-wise, but I love the Mineral knot too, definitely need a Stretch knot too. LOL
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