Give me my rouge rif work!!!!!!

  1. My rouge vif work is here in AUSTRALIA!!

    But :censor: stupid Fedex, they won't deliver it until Thurs (which is the scheduled delivery date), because Aloha Rag send it via Intl Economy (lower priority!!:yucky: ). According to FEDEX, the due date for delivery is not up yet, so they won't deliver it unless there are no other packages that are more urgent) what the :censor:!!! YES..:sad:I KNOW they send it Economy but since its already here, why can't they just give it to me?!?! I mean hard is it just to put the package in the van and get it to me?!:wtf:

    AHHH.......GIVE ME MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. You're so cute!! :roflmfao:

    I don't get Fedex... why would they do that? :rant:
  3. Ohh BB, you know I feel your pain, right hun?? {{{HUGS!!!}}} I'm wanting so much for you to have your new baby too, so I can see pics, lol! ARGH!!! Let's hope Fedex runs out of things to deliver so they'll pop yours straight onto their van for tomorrow!
  4. does aloha rag have the city yet?
  5. Thanks~~Sue!! {{{hug}}} :crybaby:
    frayed_misfit, i think they have rouge vif in first and work only...
  6. oh, that sucks!
    i can't believe they won't just deliver the item and would just let it sit there. i didn't know fedex did that!
  7. can you go pick it up at fedex yourself?
    if i were you, i go straight there and rummage the office LOL
  8. you know...i thought of that...but its just too far from where i live:Push:
  9. oh ... that's too bad... thursday is a long way to go :crybaby:
  10. Fedex needs to compensate for your emotional distress!! :Push:
  11. Two more sleeps for us Aussie b-bag girls. :Push:

    Really, that's ridiculous what Fedex is doing. What a bunch of spoilsports. :rant:
  12. bb, hang in there... you're so close!:yahoo: once you see the fire engine red work, this will all be forgotten! it's a fabulous color and style. i use mine all the time!
  13. Thank you soo much, guys~~:crybaby:
  14. Hey bb10lue, pics pics pics... :graucho:
  15. Yeah, we know, right Loven?:busted