Give me an idea what to give for preschool teachers as christmas present!!

  1. Thanks guys!!
  2. a gift certificate for a massage
  3. An Apple
    lmao sorry, thats really the first thing that came to mind! haha
    I like the certificate for a massage idea, or you could get a certificate to a restaurant in your area.
    Ive never been in this situation, so Im not gonna be much help!
  4. I am a teacher, and my parents are always soooo generous but over the years a couple of gifts have really stood out.....
    -nice gloves or scarf for yard duty
    -book store gift certificates
    -if you bake, homemade baked goods, you could even buy a Christmas tray to put them on.
    -Christmas ornament...I have a wonderful collection of these from children that I have kept over many years.

    Hope this helps;)
  5. A Gift Certificate sounds good, as well as home-baked goods.

    Also, since this often comes out of the teacher's pockets, how about a few dozen crayon boxes? You can get them pretty cheap this time of year at a big-box store.
  6. Gift cards to teacher supply store, Office Depot, Target, Barnes and Noble, restaurant gift card, movie passes, hand written note telling them what a great job they do. What not to buy: anything with an apple on it, coffee mugs, lotion, candles (I work at a school, you should see all the coffee mugs).
  7. I'm a teacher and in Gerrmany we are not allowed to accept gifts. But if we were a gift certificate for a bookstore or office supply store would be really useful.
  8. A gift basket of Selenas pretzles!! (they are THE BEST!!!) so yummy and festive.
  9. ^^good idea! They really do look drool worthy!
  10. My mom used to put together basket type gifts, like w/ microwave popcorn, some boxed candy and a holiday type of DVD movie. Also, she used to give out homemade cookies, fudge, peanut brittle, etc, in tins.
  11. i usually give gift cards to Barnes and Noble or Borders
  12. i gave gift cards to the local large grocery stores like wegmans or kroger
  13. Gift certificates for book stores (I give Barnes & Noble) go over very well. Otherwise I try to gift something that is needed for the classroom. My son's kindergarten teacher had mentioned in passing that she borrowed a globe from another teacher's classroom to show the kids something, and I bought a globe for the room.
  14. What about perfume or some sort of gift set. Chocolates from Godiva are allways nice or flowers.
  15. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas !!