Give me all your ebay tips!

  1. Well, I am new to eBay. I've been saying that I am going to sell forever, but now I really AM! Lol. I don't know to much about eBay so I have some questions...How do you know if a buyers addy is confirmed? Also, I've read all of the eBay horror stories about fee's and such, I'm not really looking to make THAT much money, I know prob only a few extra dollars. [I only plan on selling odds n in things, no name handbags, candle holders, mugs, and such.. prob all starting at .99] Also, how do you determine when your auction will end, cuz I've heard people say that makes a difference?

    Oh yea, and is it really important to a buyer if an auction has all that pretty background stuff [Cuz I sure will need help doing that!]

    Thanks to everyone who helps out and has any more tips for me!!
  2. I've skimmed through it...I'll read it more thoroughly tonite.. Just wanted to see if there was any tips that weren't in there!
  3. Personally I do not care so much about the pretty backgrounds. In fact I find some of them annoying actually.. especially when they take extra time to load up. That said most important to me is -

    Am I getting a good deal?
    What is the buyer protection available (cause you never know)?
    Did the seller answer all my questions quickly and professionally?
    Am I shown several good shots of the actual item listed?
    Do I reaaaaaaally want this?
  4. Thanks mmmpurses. Would you know the answer to the other questions I asked? I'm curious..
  5. Basically, go the the ebay discussion groups and read up.