Give me 10 reasons NOT to get a classic flap b4 I get it and go broke

  1. My NM SA just called this morning and told me she located a med blush patent classic flap for me that I've been craving for months. For the whole day, the two words "classic flap" have been clock ticking on my mind every 5 mins. But the truth is, my resource is exhausted after massive bagS' hunting. Please, save me here, feed me all the reasons not to get it and stop this crave, at least for now.:s
  2. Reason #1:

  3. 2. it will make you love Chanel more, and make you want to look for more from Chanel, and your financial situation would be worse
  4. i would only buy it if you have the funds for the bag now. Otherwise, i would save some money now, and there will be many more "i love" bags to come that you can buy when you are more financially secure!
  5. 3. Cause it will make you feel great. Oh, sorry, I see we were supposed to post reasons not to buy it.

  6. #3. There will always be another gorgeous Chanel down the line, and you might be able to enjoy it more when the timing is better :smile:
  7. 4. It's patent and patent is really trendy right now. Patent pink = very trendy combination.

    Spending money you don't have on a very trendy item= reason #4 not to buy.

    (I tried my hardest)
  8. #4.....:s :hrmm: :wondering :huh: :push: :sweatdrop: :shrugs: hee hee, sorry, I'm no help!
  9. this is tough...if i can make it 24 hours when i know i shouldn't, but want to, i usually can make it without it.....and then i feel relief that i got through it.
    that's all i got..that you might feel relief when you let it go....i suck at this....sorry...
  10. Reason no ???
    Because the classic flap will always be there for you to buy when you actually have funds for it. (Not sure if the blush color will still be though :0)
  11. Opsss......guess i post on the wrong website, should've gone to Well, if there is one...
  12. It will make you even more addicted to Chanels, and you will find ways to find money to support your habit.
  13. what other bags did you crave in lately? maybe you could return some that you haven't worn it ?????
  14. One thing scares me more than being broke is return. :p Can't stand the pressure...

    Well, my recent craves are LV mono revits, which I already put it on my "have it or be dead" list; dior cruise collection goucho tote, chanel cambon small reporter and this. All of them are around 2k range. :crybaby:
  15. Ummm.....well, a blush patent flap will be too high maintenance of a will fear taking it out of its dust bag!!! Don't take the risk!!!!