Give feedback before item has arrived

  1. Hi there! I ordered a musette on ebay some weeks ago, and everything went smoothly and the seller was helpful and shipped off fast etc. However, the package was hijacked by customs here in my country! They sendt me this letter where I was supposed to give them the permission to declare the bag for me, and I faxed my signature to them so that the process would go faster. That was wedensday last week, and now, thursday, I still haven't received it. Of course, stupid of me to trust any government agency to ship something over a short distance within a week, but still, here I am, the bag hasn't arrived yet although I know it has been shipped and gotten into my country.
    The deal is that I'm leaving for Russia tonight and I won't be back for 3 months. I've heard that ebay gives the buyer/seller 45 days to give feedback, and I'm already approaching that, but still, I won't see the bag for another three months (customs:cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: ), so there's no way I can give feedback within 45 days if I have to wait until I actually see the bag. So should I give the seller feedback based on my experience so far or should I wait until it arrives here and have my mother -who doesn't know anything about LV- describe it for me and give me an ok? The seller is MPRS, so I have gotten the real deal, so that's not the issue, but still... what would you do?
  2. feedback is no big deal unless you really want some in return. Just don't leave it.
  3. Or you could leave feedback saying that it was stuck at customs, and then leave a follow-up comment when it arrives.
  4. You have 90 days to leave feedback - not 45. Do not leave any feedback unless the item is in your hand. Even if it means you can't leave any at all. Feedback is 100% voluntary and not in any way manditory. It's a nice thing to do but leaving it prior to getting your item is not a wise move.
  5. You have 90 days to leave feedback, after the 90th day from the END of the auction the auction gets deleted and neither person gets to leave feedback. Its the sellers sresponsibility to get the item to you, if you dont have it yet, the seller needs to follow up on it. Also, a Mypoupette seller means nothing, I have seen plenty of MPRS sell fake bags, with their neg feedback to back it up. Have you called customs? Have you contacted the seller to track the package?
  6. ^^I don't think it's the seller's fault if something gets held up in customs and I don't see how the seller can follow up on that--she isn't even in the same country. How is she supposed to have control over that? The seller should give you the tracking number just to make sure that is the issue. Still, I agree. I wouldn't leave feedback without seeing it.
  7. Wow, thanks for the replies! I am new to ebay, so I want to have feedback back, but since it's 90 days I can probably relax and try to make my mom bring it to Russia when she comes to visit me in november so that I can look at it before leaving feedback.

    Thanks for the help! :flowers:
  8. Definitely wait!!
  9. I'm with everyone should get the bag first and then leave feedback..
  10. Just wait, it's not that big of a deal. BTW, enjoy Russia. I'm an American, but I've lived in Russia for years.