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  1. With everyone having so much trouble with quality control here lately I have not been expecting much when I order. That being said I received my saffron Lindsey today and she is perfect!! I was so surprised!! I can't really do a reveal due to surgery but I managed to snap a pic.

    So if you have a coach item that was done right and needed no exchange or return feel free to post it here to remind us that we still do get quality items from Coach.

  2. Bag twins. Congratz. Glad she arrived healthy.
  3. Beautiful color!! I am so glad to hear a happy ending!

    I hope recovery goes by fast for you.
  4. Was this from FOS? Almost all my FOS purchases have arrived perfect, just a couple that had to be exchanged. Soooo pretty!
  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. Yes it was from the last one. I think more of my FOS items have been all around better too.
  7. My purchases outlet and FOS have been awesome, no issues!
  8. Gorgeous; I'm really loving the saffron color! Congrats, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

    So far, all of my FOS purchases have been great.
  9. Stunning bag! Congrats and I hope you have a fast recovery.
  10. I agree about FOS items basically being perfect (as humanly possibly anyways). Now i'm not one to purchase from FP except at the physical boutique but since my outlet is more than an hour away I'm stuck ordering from FOS for the uber deals. Every item I've received from FOS (they were all MFF) has been absolutely perfect quality-wise. Perfect stitching, perfect edging, no leather flaws ect. Also I've noticed that all the quality issues people reveal or post about are all FP items purchased from Jax or the boutique. I know there are people who boo/hiss at MFF saying it's not as good of quality as MFF but I disagree 100%. No they don't have some of the details such as the horse and carriage logo but they are cute and made just as well.
  11. Everything ordered this year was perfect enough, including:

    Carnelian Rambler's archival legacy
    Marine Bleecker Travel Tote
    Midnight gathered leather sophia

    Pink leather flap wristlet (FOS)
    Black Kristin woven leather wristlet
    Madison black chain wristlet (dents due to packaging, but they are coming out)

    5 pairs of shoes (pumps, sneakers, flip flops, wedges from another store)

    Pics of most of these are in my signature link, along with items bought in stores.

    Nice post, cozyc!
  12. Thanks everyone for the speedy recovery wishes I really appreciate it :smile: I am glad there are a lot of good items several of us have received from Coach lately! Hooray!! :biggrin:
  13. Love, love, love saffron Lindsey! What a great pick-me-up after a surgery. :smile: i hope recovery is fast

    All of my FOS purchases have arrived perfectly fine. They were even packaged really well (save one--but the bag was fine). I have no complaints about my FOS bags.

  14. I have to say, thankfully I've never had any problems with the Coach products I've purchased; even my outlet fines have been in good shape.

    Your saffron Lindsey makes me green with envy.:greengrin:......Enjoy!
  15. You're killing me!!!!!

    Congrat's .. Its a stunning bag.