Give-away time! Would anyone like this?

  1. I know it is not as nice as the beautiful earrings Pippi gave away-but, I thought someone might like it.

    This is a handmade purse. Fabric is Korean linen and it has a black lining inside. It would be good for make up or to hold small things so they don't wander around your handbag. This is brand new-it was sent to me by a friend of mine who was visiting Korea for Christmas-and, I know myself-I will never use it. It has no fastening closure-the flap just sits the way you see.

    If you would like it-post here. I will collect names now through tomorrow at this time-then all names will be put into a hat and a friend of mine (4 year old little boy) will pick one name out of the hat-whoever he picks-gets it.
    korean purse (4).jpg
  2. aww that's so sweet! Count me in!
  3. Ooh, very cute. Count me in, as well!
  4. very sweet of you, please count me in
  5. OK-writing all your names down!
  6. How sweet of you! It's very cute and purple is my favorite color so I would love to be counted in for this one! Thanks for the opportunity! ;)
  7. Definitely count me in! Thanks for the giveaway :smile:
  8. What a sweet idea! Count me in!
  9. like print*model, purple is my fav color!!!
    This would make the cutest little purse organizer... please count me in!

    thanks! xoxo L.
  10. count me in =D
  11. :flowers:Please add me to the list! Thanks!
  12. Me too! I want in!
  13. me also!
  14. Count me in too! That's so nice of you!
  15. If im not to late count me in....thanks!