Give Accessories - heard of them?

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  1. While in Chicago recently I came across a bag that make me gasp - the Catena Vintage in Lamb in Grey/Nickel by a brand called "Give."

    A little web research turned up this website:

    Give donates 10% of its net profits to charities annually, selecting a different charity each month.

    Here's the gasp-inducing culprit:

    don't judge based on this pic... it's lousy compared to the real life experience. *Incredible* leather, hardware, and feel on the shoulder. Here's a pic from Lucky too...

    Give also makes an adorable ostrich train case that's been featured in quite a few fashion editorials over the last year.

    Any Give fans out there?

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  2. I did order a weekender from them end of last year but returned it instead. It looks good in pics but just doesn't sit right when I try it on. Also the material is canvas mostly for that bag.
    Nonetheless, I returned it and hold out for a new bag until I got my Nomad drawstring in bittersweet :heart:and the Hudson Triple satchel in Smoke blue :tup:(which I am still struggling with the big ring holding the long strap:sad:)