Give a new girl your opinion downtown vs muse

  1. Hi yall I have been lurking for forever... but usually find all the info I need on this great site without having to ask a question....

    I am debating between getting the cruise style downtown in black deer skin without the pocket versus getting the oversize muse in black or even black patent leather..

    help me make my decision.. I can get one for about 1000.00 vs 1300-1400 for the other so not too much different in price.

    what would yall do..
  2. Welcome to tPF.

    I vote for oversize muse in black leather. =)
  3. I love them both... Muse seems to be a bit more classic looking, but Downtown is very nice as well. I'd go for the large black leather Downtown.
  4. i think you need both :graucho:
  5. I wote for the Muse. I think that's more of a classic bag you can enjoy for years to come.
  6. Vote for the muse - I love it!
  7. I'm really undecided too.. I like both.
  8. Thanks yall.. well I like the way you enablers think.. Its been decided I need both.. hahaha

    ok so I have found the downtown on a deal.. anyone want to help me find an oversize muse now.. Obviously the black rarely goes on sell so my new want list is an OS muse in any color...

    thanks yall you are the best.. I am so happy to finally be posting here.. of course I promise pics when I buy the bags and they come
  9. Belle...I've got several great sales associates that might be able to help you with this.
    Call Toni at Nordstrom Mall of America at 952-883-2121, ask for Designer Handbags. She might have some left or cancelled from their presale of 2 weeks ago..also she can check all over Nordies to see if something is out there.
    Also, try the YSL boutique nearest you, find a location on their site, or call the YSL Houston boutique at 713-840-7006 and ask for Ricardo or Michael. They might have something left from their sale, or can find you something.
    Good luck!
  10. thanks alot.. I will call them right now
  11. ^ Good luck, hope you will be able to hunt down a Muse soon.

    =) Please post pics when you get your bags. =)
  12. Which bag did you decide on purchasing?
  13. I bought the downtown b/c i got in on a deal .. i am in the airport in ATL right now but it arrived at my house this week so i will come home to a nice present.. woo hoo.. pics to come.. I am currently trying to score one of the colored OS muse that were on the presale.. I have a couple of connections out there working for me so hoping to get one in the next couple of week.. If anyone sees one pm me.. you girls are great