Giuseppe Zanotti

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  2. Swoon:graucho: these are off the hook!!!
  3. how do GZs fit? TTS or should I size up due to the EU size?
  4. Personally for boots I size up in Zanotti. But I also have a pair of TTS heels by Zanotti and my foot is swimming in them :sad:
  5. any lovers for these GZ booties? the pitch looks a bit scary? anyone had them tried on? :p
    GZ booty.JPG
  6. ^ those are fabulous!!!! YUMMMM
  7. I love those boots but I'm afraid of the height. Would love to hear reviews
  8. It seems they are 100mm pitch with 40mm platform. Sounds like doable?! Black grey or bordeaux?!
  9. Oooh Bordeaux that sounds gorgeous for this shape boot.. Great for fall.
  10. I'm loving the idea of a grey but it really depends on your wardrobe colors.
  11. Thanks hun...
  12. I ordered these from Saks in NC before I took off for a business trip. For months I kept checking for my size. I'm a solid 35 and these shoes don't fit me.:crybaby: They run very big and feel like 36. I'm returning them to Saks in a couple of days. I got them on sale for $340.

    PM me for SA info if anyone interested.

  13. Ah same. My 35 heels feel like a 36. But then my 35 boots feel like a 34 or 34.5! :/ Sorry to hear your gorgeous heels didn't work out!