*Giuseppe Zanotti thongs* ?+Opinion!!

  1. Heya! So for a couple months now i've been thinking that if i found a pair of Zanotti sandals on sale for a good price i should go for them.. Well it looks as though the time has come..


    I found these for $160 in my size but i have a couple questions..

    First- Do you like them?:smile:

    2. If you have any of his shoes how much do you like them and do you wear them a lot in the summer? Are they comforable?

    and lasttllyyy

    3. What's the width like on them? I wouldn't say my feet are wide by any means but sometimes they are a little tight going into strappy sandals and such.

    Thanks so much!:heart:
  2. I have the exact same style that I purchased last year. I love them! I have been wearing them this summer too. They are soft and comfy leather. I bought mine for $225 (from $450) and they are worth every penny!
    What color are these? Mine are chocolate brown and the large stone is like a citrine/yellow color.
    I have a couple other Giuseppe flats and they are all comfortable.
    I am usually a 6 1/2 and I bought these and my others last year in a 7.
    I think you should buy them...that is a great deal!!
  3. Okay, nevermind! I got antsy and just ordered them! :yahoo: I feel like i got a super good deal.. get this--

    Full price they were $450
    Bluefly marked them down to $279
    Extra % off shoes today so down to $179.99
    15% code- $160.94
    and 4% from e bates! $154.50!

    yayy! I'll post pics when i get them :yes:
  4. Thanks for the response! I usually wear a 6.5 (which tend to be a liiitttttle big on me but i like it that way..) i got these in a 6.5 so i hopehopehope they work! So glad to hear you love yours! It said they are dark brown with turq. and black stones:yes: I'm so excited now!:wlae:
  5. great deal...congrats!
  6. You got a great deal!! Congrats and can't wait to see the pics
  7. Great deal. Most GZ shoes are 3 1/4 inches wide.
  8. can't wait to see picts =)
  9. WOW! Congratulations. Do they run true to size? I'm a 38.5 and an 8 in Tory Burch flats so what size should I get? I have narrow feet and most strappy sandals are often too loose for me... =(
  10. I havn't received mine yet but i know they run a little small.. You'd want to order at least a half size larger. Very excited about mine arriving!:smile:
  11. Those are cute and a good price.
  12. wow, i love those. zanotti sandals were on my list but haven't found the right price....

    hope they will fit you!
  13. Thanks love! =)
  14. Good decision, love Giuseppe Zanotti!
  15. They are too cute!