Giuseppe Zanotii for Balmain

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  1. those are BEAUTIFUL! sadly, have not seen them on sale - the Giuseppe Zanotti store in Copley had a huge sale, but it ended on Sunday
  2. I think they might be previous season, but must find them. I am so desperate in love with them.
    Here where I am right now, there is no GZ store:sad:
  3. I see that has a few GZ for Balmain shoes, but not this style

    I love the fringes...I have the Gucci Riddle booties because they also have fringes, so I can totally understand why you love them..

    I'll keep looking though - you never know. also sells GZ for Balmain, but their inventory is blah
  4. :blush: aaww, thank you...I'm just totally hooked on Zanotti - the quality, the designs, are all just out of this world. Plus, the styles! He's really a show genius. Some designers get comfortable with the same styles - i.e. platform, hidden platform, double platform! - but Giuseppe always mixes it up, it's amazing to see his designs through the years.

    Mine are a bit shorter than those - I wish I had a pic. to post, maybe I'll do that when I get home
  5. My friend got these boots from the Balmain Paris store last summer for 40% off. I believe they're from SS09 so I doubt most stores will still carry them. Your best bet is either checking eBay or calling boutiques that stock Balmain. When I last visited the Balmain Paris boutique, I only saw a few shoes from the new SS10 collection.

    To my knowledge, GZ boutiques (at least the ones in Europe) don't always carry the Balmain range and tend to focus on their own mainline collections.

  6. Yup, I go to the GZ store in Copley all the time, and they have very few if any Balmain styles. Which is OK for me because I love any GZ styles, but I wish I had my hands on some of the Balmains!

    On another note - the GZ for Thakoon collaboration looks gorgeous too! :graucho:
  7. Thank you girls. I am new Zanotti Fan:smile:
  8. once you're in the GZ club, you're in it for life! :biggrin: he's (dare I say) the only designer who makes every single part of the shoe in one factory. so you know you're going to have the best quality. one of the many reasons why I love him
  9. wow!! in that color??? gorgeous!
  10. katran26 i bought them in red! i know black is more versatile but red makes them more of a statement besides, couldn't find them anywhere
    I will post modelling pics llgin! :smile: