Giuliana Rancic

  1. I find it do weird that her family came here with she was 7, yet her parents' English is really bad. I was watching her E tre story and had no idea her patents were here that long, I thought they were still in Italy.

    One of my close friends was born here and his mother has lived here over 50years, yet she does not speak any English AND was given citizenship.
  2. Haha I thought the same thing! Don't know what I'm having yet but if it's a boy I'm sure I'll find some inspiration in baby boy Rancic.
  3. Its really strange, but surprisingly its probably because of the community they settled in. They probably live in an area where english is not really necessary :smile:
  4. G grew up in Bethesda, MD and her family owned a business (I think clothing), so I'd think having a command the English language would be a priority.
  5. Their english sucks, so I guess it didn't affect their business much (?)
  6. oh, I agree. There english isn't the best. I do know that as you get older, it's harder for some to learn new languages.
  7. They probably learned what they needed to to communicate but I'm sure they had people working with them that were more fluent. Learning a new language is really hard and they speak it okay for people who weren't raised speaking english.
  8. I was thinking there was going to be bad news in this thread....So good to hear the happy News for Guliana...Bill is a good man too...some men when their dream of the 'traditional' family (wife get pregnant, etc) could not be realized would have probably left, but he stuck by his vows and he truly loves her.

    Good luck to them.
  9. This is so exciting for them!
  10. great news. But, it's awfully tacky of E! News to open up today's show with G announcing they will have a boy, showing bits of the baby shower, then plugging their story in the upcoming Life & Style and planner Mindy Weiss...

    I feel like their story is one big money maker for them.
  11. i thought their baby shower card was really cute, how they had the B boy (bill)/ G girl (gulianna) thing going on. not everyone can have such perfect gender specific initials, lol!!
  12. You can do the test in your native language, it's not that unusual
  13. there are plenty of immigrants/people that move here from other countries and never master English :shrugs: not too big a deal.