Giuliana and Bill

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  1. Giuliana (of E! News) and Bill Rancic (of The Apprentice) are getting their own reality show. It premieres in August on the Style Network. Anyone plan to check it out? I always liked Giuliana (more so before she got married), so I'll probably watch and see what it's all about.

    OT, but I loved her name before she got married (Giuliana DiPandi). It was so pretty!
  2. She looks like a Bratz Doll.......

    I think they are giving way too many people shows
  3. Nah she sooooooooo gets on my last nerve. I dont like her at all. He was ok on the Apprentice but they are certainly not worthy of getting their own show. I saw their wedding show and she was really annoying.

    What the heck is going on with these TV Exec's?? I mean they gave Daisy DeLaHoya a show, this Entertainer dude, those creepy Real Estate Agents on Million Dollar Listing (yes they are coming back for season 3), that gross Meghan chick. Who's next the stripper Frenchie?? Now her I would watch though cause I love her subtitles :lol:
  4. Did anyone watch this show? I thought that Giuliana was trying waaaay too hard to seem funny and cute. Instead, she seemed like a spoiled diva. Bill seems pretty normal though.
  5. I really like Giuliana. Something about Bill really creeps me out, but I've honestly only seen pics of him (never watched the Apprentice). Hope this isn't another My Fair Brady, LOL.

    But yeah, I'll probably watch it at least once.
  6. ita!
  7. I thought the previews was so cute how she got the hermes scarf!
  8. OK, GUILTY, watched it!

    Guiliana seems so rehearsed, like the "gay husband", happy wife/happy life.... it's like heard it, seen it.

    Bill is a total catch though, i am trying to figure out how that happened
  9. I used to think she was so awesome. This is making my opinion of her change a bit though.
  10. Now I'm different she is from her "IRL" "reality" show compared to her E! anchor role?
  11. Me too! "I'll bet you an Hermes scarf!"
  12. seriously, do any of us really like any of the entertainment reporters like nancy o'dell or any of the women (or men) on ET, Insider, blah blah.

    you have to be CUTTHROAT to make it as a reporter in this business. its all about how u look and how young (unless u r mary hart). nancy may be a sweetheart, but all I can see is her spray tan, hair extension, and overly brightened teeth. giuliana is ok, but to me, they're all the same. barbie dolls.
  13. I thought it was pretty blah, and Giuliana's lines seemed SO rehearsed. I'll probably keep watching it though, because their Chicago house is AMAZING!!!
  14. totally. and in the interview where she pops up with her scarf was so cute! lol.

    I love Guiliana, Shes extremely pretty, and I could stare at her all day! lol.
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    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
    I watched last night and I found her to be so spoiled/annoying. It made me wonder how long their marriage will actually last.

    Another thing that bothered me was that they kept talking about the house as being their "dream" and a great home to raise a family in and then the previews showed that they turned right around and sold it.