Giselle with a Bbag?

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  1. does anyone know which bag is this??:confused1:

  2. It looks like a FBF but not an expert on these...not sure of what season either! Anyone know?
  3. ^ Yep, it looks like an '01 or '02 black flat brass first/classique. Gorgeous!!!
  4. who cares about the bag! I want to know who is that hottie holding her hand???? :nuts:
  5. Tom Brady some quaterback from some team.....
  6. Is the FBF still available in stores???
  7. No, it was from 2001/2002
  8. it was Gisele and Kate Moss and a few others who started the craze in 2002. I am so thrilled that she still totes the same bag from 2002 around! Kate too. I think that says a lot for a brand.
  9. I am in love with the FBF !!! :heart::heart:
  10. every time i see a FBF i am inlove...:drool:
  11. Same bag but different boyfriend. I bet the bag worth more to keep than the boyfriend...:roflmfao:.
  12. i posted a pic of gisele with this same bag and i think the same boyfriend in paris during fashion week... love this bag... the pic is in the celeb section.. not sure of the page. but if you search the thread for gisele, you will find it.
  13. he's from the new england patriots...DH is a NFL nerd. i've absorbed bits and pieces of his sports knowledge. :P

    OT: he's bridget moynahan's ex and father of her baby.
  14. Does anyone have a close up picture of the bag? I can't remember what magazine it was, but it had a close-up photo of the bag and I thought it had raised hardware.
  15. its page 129 in the celeb section