Gisele Quits Victoria Secret: $5million A year Is Not Enough

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    Gisele Bundchen is walking away from Victoria’s Secret after they refused to raise her $5 Million a year salary. A source says that ‘Her demands were outrageous. She got a new lawyer who was unrealistic. . . Victoria’s Secret doesn’t care. They have five new hotter, younger girls debuting next year.’ Well, I am sure that VS cares a little bit, Gisele is super hot! I guess Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will have to do for now.
  2. It's about time she steps down and lets a real woman like me take over. :roflmfao: Wow five new hotter, younger girls? I can't wait to see what these ones look like. That is a tall order to fill. Giselle has contracts with so many companies, I am sure she isn't sweating it.
  3. It was a bit unprofessional of them to say that they have five new hotter, younger girls. I know the purpose is to get people excited but it's a bit rude. So Giselle wanted more money, big deal. She is the face of VS in my mind.
  4. eh i like Adriana better in VS than Gisele
  5. Its very uncool that they said that.

    And i bet their five younger models cant hold a candle to Gisele!!

    The woman is not just a supermodel she is an Icon,and her body is out of this world.
  6. ITA.
  7. Everyone loves Gisele, kinda a bad move, although will it really make a difference in sales?
  8. ^I don't think VS said anything about having younger, hotter models. It was a "source."
  9. I would have taken 5 million lol
  10. I love Gisele, but it's unfortunate that $5 million is not "enough." I don't want to make too quick a judgment before knowing the entire story, though. This sounds a little tabloidish.
  11. what?? I mean all she IS doing is walking around in underwear... she DOES have other endorsements that bring in money, so its not like she is ONLY living on a mere $5 million??!?!

    VS made Gisele, and theyre going to have to get someone rediculously sexy to replace her... I still love Gisele tho.. I never knew she was that kind of person to make those kind of demands... Adriana and Allesandra will do fine without her, although I did like them as a little trio...
  12. sorry, not a fan of Gisele... she has a body tdf, except i don't think she's that pretty. i never understood the fuss... other VS angels like Alessandra and Adriana are way more beautiful. just my opinion, although i'm sure others feel differently.
  13. ... Next!
  14. What a pity
  15. ITA! I always thought she had the jaw line of a man. Adriana has the better come hither look.