Gisele & Leo: Back Together

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. hmmm
  3. I felt they would be...
  4. i really hope they'll come back together!!they were a perfect couple!:heart:
  5. yay, it'll be great if it's true... I love them as a couple together.
  6. I'd get back together too!
  7. I don't know...she wanted totally different things then children & marriage. I thought he was getting really close w/ Bar?
  8. nont for nothing that loks a little like bar.....
  9. they are on and off more times than Sienna and Jude.
    Stay together or break up, just make your minds up ;)

    its far too confusing for us all :biggrin:
  10. I just read something about how him and Bar are super happy together and in love.

  11. Cute! =)
  12. i LOVE them...
  13. Maybe it has something to do with her not wanting his new gf working for Victoria's Secret. But again, why would he gave her a belated bday present?
  14. Hmmm?
  15. interesting read. :smile: