Gisele in NYC

  1. What bag is she carrying? Forgive my ignorance, I dont get out much!!


    Image from celeb gossip on the down low

  2. its Dior Gaucho tote =)
  3. wow, that was fast...thanks so much!:flowers:
  4. ur welcome =)
  5. Gawd she looks the Dior too!
  6. She is one stylish gal. Love her.
  7. Sweet bag of course ^_^
  8. Love the bag and she looks good!
  9. she looks good but not a fan of the bag!
  10. I love her cool casual look! She is styling...
  11. She looks good
  12. She looks good
  13. She looks great- and yes, it is a Dior Gaucho Tote :yes:
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