Gisele for Dior!

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  1. OK gang ( or Dior Mafia shall I say :graucho:), do we likey?



    sorry for the quality, nothing on the official site yet...
  2. I am liking what shes wearing but I am not really keen on her.
  3. I don't like the ad at all ...certainly now flattering or classy like Dior. Isn't that Madonna on the right with the the glasses on?
  4. :tdown:
  5. I actually really like the ad...except for Gisele's hair. It doesn't seem to match her face.

  6. yes thats what I first thought, whats with the wild hair :nuts:
  7. Yeah there's something a bit off about that hair, isn't there? :thinking:

    I love love love the entire outfit in the second fit - the dress and especially the killer kicks.

    Let's not forget that Gisele has modelled for Dior before, in 2004:



    Just a couple of pics out of a series from the campaigns.
  8. I want to see the white dress she is wearing in the first pic...

    I actually like those ads, and I like the hair:nuts: very summery and relaxed ( hides from Dior Mafia ):sweatdrop:
  9. I like Gisele but what's up with the hair??? I love the outfits!

    ^^No worries Nat! This maffia tolerates different opinions! ;)
  10. I hope we do heheh

    Her hair makes me think of tangled beach hair after you had a swim...cant help it like the hair!:nuts:
  11. I've just realised that in the first pic Madonna's tresses have been styled suspiciously like Gisele's in the ad...
  12. <---

    Here's my interpretation (I wish! :P) of the 'tangled beach hair'! :graucho:
  13. good interpretation!:tup: Gisele´s hair is tangled and dried already, hence the mess hihi
  14. Haha maybe that's the problem. She has beach hair on but wrong outfit for the beach ....or on second thought, it could be a nightclub tipsy hair ...:tispy:
  15. I like it.Its edgy!