Gisele Bundchen Running Errands In The Meatpacking District NYC

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I absolutely love her!! She is so gorgeous!
  3. OMG!!! Can you get any more STUNNING?!:nuts: LOVE HER!!!:love:
  4. She is gorgeous!
  5. Love her bag! Is that an 02? It looks gorgeous in the pics.
  6. Wow....her legs looks phenomenal in those pants!
  7. She looks like she is taking her keys out for walkies... :lol: But other than that, she looks great.
  8. she always looks great.
  9. looks great...wish my long hair could look that good on an everyday basis!
  10. She looks beautiful but not thrilled to have her pictures taken.
  11. i want her b-bag! LOL!
  12. OMG..... i would give one of my b-bags for that legs! LOL
  13. ahh those legs are so long. why are mines so short?!!?!?
  14. Man, she is stunning!! I wish I looked like that running errands...
  15. oooooh, what i wouldn't give for legs like those!