Gisele Bundchen - Louis Vuitton - 2007

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  2. These are not from 2007 ad campaign but from S/S '06.:smile:
  3. ^ thanks for the info. :smile: i'm not sure how i can edit the thread title? maybe it is too late. :sad:
  4. oo I love the second bag, She looks great as always.
  5. georgeous!! both her and the bags!
  6. She looks gorgeous, way better than Scarlett Johansson in these year ads.
  7. Giesele looks like she is made for Louis Vuitton. Somehow Scarlett does not look right in the LV adds.
  8. Yes these styles are from 06
  9. I think Scarlett was well suited for the ads she was pictured in - very girly and dreamy. Gisele looks great in the pics above but it's a completely dif. look - very sexy, which she is!:yes: JMO, of course.
  10. ^^ So true
  11. stunning like always.
  12. wow! i have never seen these ads before; i like them a lot!
  13. yeah, I felt like Bill Murray for a second in "Groundhog Day"...
  14. LOL!love that movie!:push:
  15. I :love: the bracelet in the fifth picture !! any info would be great. Is it still available?? Don't think i've seen it in my local boutique. Thanks =)