Gisele Bundchen launches Vogue Eyewear Play Everyday Campaign in Ibiza, Spain - 3/27

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  2. she will stay rich! that is one hard working woman right there. she looks great.
  3. My BF says she looks like a man ... he is a weirdo :rolleyes:
  4. Her body is TDF! She looks fantastic!
  5. She always looks great. I have never seen a bad photo of her.

  6. LOL, SO says the same thing. He really dislikes her face...but says the rest is stunning. Picky men.:rolleyes:

    She is absolutely gorgeous in these "OMG" gorgeous.
  7. My DH, God bless him, is really tuned off by the fact that she would take someone that would "disown his baby." So, regardess of her looks, he is not impressed with her anyway, which I believe way much more strongly than he does. So I guess I hope she does OK but I hope she realizes she is an A*(hole.
  8. she is gorgeous!
  9. she looks great!
  10. She's gorgeous and has a fabulous body.
  11. she is so gorgeous it is just unfair!

    good for her...she does work really hard!
  13. She's very pretty. I like that dress.
  14. her body is sick!!!
  15. What a knockout!
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