Girolata? Yay or Nay?

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  1. What does everyone think of Girolata Azur that just came out? Is it one size and only in Azur?
  2. Yay!
    I love it!! So far it looks like it's only one size and Azur only. I'd like to wait and see if he comes out in mono or DE. I actually took a screen shot of it on my phone to remind me that it's on my want list.
  3. Yay! I am thinking about picking it up when we go to Spain next month. Love it.
  4. Another Yay! I'll be picking one up in June.
  5. Oh great! I haven't seen many comments or photos of it yet but when I tried it on in Honolulu it actually seemed quite roomy. Also tried the Azur delightful but the Girolata seemed much more stylish on. Thx
  6. I am also interested in this bag.. Can't wait to try at store.. :smile:
  7. I like it!
  8. Yay to the power of 100! Beautiful bucket bag, love the straps and handle option. Wish it came in more canvases!
  9. Yay! I'm planning to buy her in June! She seems a very lightweight and versatile bag!
  10. I liked it at first but when I watched Susan Marie's video on youtube I changed my mind. Its too small. Good luck deciding.
  11. Not a fan. Too much going on for me. Top handle, draw string closure and shoulder strap???
  12. I really like it especially for Summer ️
  13. I saw this bag in person and while it isn't for everyone it's a very beautiful bag. I saw her youtube video and I don't think she did a very thorough review. She didn't show the multiple ways it could be carried and she seemed to be holding down the side "flaps" to make it appears as if the bag was thinner/slimmer than what it is in real life. Her review IMHO was very biased and I can understand that, but it just seems as if she had already made up her mind to not say anything positive about the bag. I've seen other youtubers do reviews on bags or slgs they didn't care for, but they were more unbiased and pointed out the pros as well as the cons.

    I'm not subscribed to her, but I did happen to come across her video when I searched for the Girolata and couldn't help but notice that she seems to return quite a bit. There's no harm in that, but I give her the side-eye because of it..
  14. I love mine! It's very light. It is extremely versatile and not everyone has it. I've heard hey ar nearly all gone so if you are considering it, do it sooner than later.
  15. I do not like it, not into the drawstring.